Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Contest winner

So far this week, Alice celebrated her 7th birthday, Linus learned how to scoot around the living room on his tummy, and I won another contest.  Little Bumpies, is all about helmet fashion.  If your son or daughter is currently wearing a cranial helmet, you should go check out the cute designs available to adorn his/her little head.  Earlier this month, Little Bumpies asked for stories about our babies and their journeys with their helmets.  The one request was that we share the stories as often as we could.  The person who shared their story the most times and helped to spread awareness about cranial helmets would win a $50 gift card to the store or restaurant of their choice.  Yesterday, I found out I was the winner.  Now comes the hard part, deciding where to get a gift card from.  Like a little kid trying to decide what candy to spend my fifty cents on, I can't make a decision.  I need clothes, but the kids need stuff too.  A night out at a restaurant sounds nice, but the money could go to something a little less frivolous and more practical.  In the end, I am pretty sure I will choose Target.  Something for me, something for the kids, and maybe a soft pretzel from the cafe.

Make me think, if I hit Lotto, what would I do with the money?  
  • I would pay off all my debt, and my family's debts.  Everyone would own their home free and clear.
  • Katie would go to gymnastics 24/7 if she wanted.  
  • My "braces fund" would be set and ready for all my little ones with crowded teeth and cross bites.  
  • I would take the kids on vacation.  We haven't been away on vacation for over 6 years now.  Lucie, Josie, and Linus have never been on vacation, stayed in a hotel, or have gotten ice from the ice machine in a hotel lobby (one of my favorite things to do at the hotel.)
  • We would move into a larger home with more bedrooms and a large, flat, beautiful, green lawn.
Hey, a girl can dream.  Maybe luck will strike three times this summer, and I do have a Lotto ticket for tonight.

Happy Independence Day.  Tomorrow, I am looking forward to a fun day filled with sunshine, hamburgers on the grill, and fireworks.

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