Linus' Scans


The red outline is before and the blue outline is after.


  1. I was looking on here for a place to email you, but couldn't find it. My son was also diagnosed with tortocollis and plagiocephaly and he will be receiving his STARband next week. I really appreciate your blog, and the light hearted/funny pictures you post of your son!
    My biggest concern with getting the helmet is taking my son in public and dealing with people staring or making comments. I know this seems silly and trivial to worry about, but it's really making me anxious. I'm sure my son will do great with the helmet, he is SUCH a happy guy- I'm very lucky!
    My question is- do you have any tips on dealing with people? Or any advice on feeling more confident going in public with your son? Any advice, or information your experience is greatly appreciated. (In the meantime, i'll keep looking at all of Linus' cute pics!)
    Thanks, Kaitlyn

  2. I never had any issue with people staring. In fact, most people would approach us and tell us how their child/grandchild/cousin wore a helmet and it was a great success. One time someone commented that they wished they had had a helmet for their child because he always fell as a baby---I just smiled and nodded.

    I took Linus everywhere with his helmet, and as you can see, I took lots of pictures of him.

    I hope your little guy is doing great.