Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Now I know why we were told to buy some fragrant shampoo for Linus.  That helmet gets very sweaty.  23 hours a day is a long time.

I brought Linus to gymnastics so he could watch the girls.  One of the moms there listed a bunch of kids she knows that needed to wear helmets for Plagiocephaly.  She said it seems to be very common these days.  Honestly, Linus is the first baby I know to have a helmet.  She also told me about her cousin, who needed to have surgery to correct her Plagiocephaly at 18 months, back before they used helmets.  I am very thankful Linus can be treated non-surgically.

Waiting for snow, wondering if we will have a snow day tomorrow, or Thursday.  It all depends on the timing and how much we actually get.  Maybe snowboarding or skiing will be in Linus' future.

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