Sunday, February 26, 2012

Start your engines

Dad, Can I borrow the keys?

Linus needs to wear his helmet for 23 hours a day from now on.  He seems to be doing well with it, and I think he is used to having it on.

Linus went to the Pinewood Derby today to cheer on his brother, Evan.  All the moms were happy to see Linus and there was hardly a mention of his helmet, except to tell me how cute he looked in it.  One of the boys asked what the helmet was for.  After I explained it, he told Linus how cute he was and that "he was going to be a great kid some day!"

There was a little bit of excitement this afternoon. While at the Pinewood Derby, Abigail went to the playground to hang out with her friends (who have younger siblings in Boy Scouts), fell climbing a rock, and broke her leg.  So as Linus raced around in his race car today, I had the opportunity to speed through town in an ambulance.

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  1. Poor Abigail!! I love the photoshopped pics of Linus on your blog. He is getting so big! I need to come back to FB because I miss hearing about his updates!