Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am becoming  frustrated with the school district.  How is it acceptable to not know what the supply list is for my incoming 6th grader?  The school year starts in less than 2 weeks.  If you are not going to tell us what team the kids are on, then require the teachers to write up universal supply lists by grade.  It is very nice that the supply lists for teams A through G are up on the school's website, but since we don't know which team we are buying for, what good is it doing?

New students to the school are anxious and excited.  Did the district ever consider that the uncertainty of not knowing if they have the right supplies is causing undue stress?  I have bought pencils, pens, crayons, paper, and erasers; but I need to know how many binders, which type of notebooks, and if there are certain colors required.

We contacted the school yesterday and they told my husband that they don't even know what team Katie is on.  You must think I am stupid, if you think I believe the teachers do not have their class assignments yet.  I know the teachers at the high school received their class lists at least two weeks ago.  I do not care what Katie's schedule is, when she has lunch, or who is in her class.  I just want to know what to buy her before the sales end, or worse, before the stores run out of that obscure item on the list and then Katie receives a zero for a homework grade because she is unprepared.

Katie wanted like a large zipper binder like she used for 5th grade, since that worked for her.  Luckily a good portion of the teams have this on their list.  If she gets placed on a team where two separate binders are required, I am not going to go out and replace what is already bought.  It is my hope that the teachers will accept that.

Now to look for a suggestion box so I can suggest creating uniform supply lists by grade for next year.

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