Friday, June 1, 2012


In the 90s there was a popular sitcom, “Mad About You” which featured a New York City couple, Paul and Jamie Buchman, who found humor in every day situations. Near the end of the show's run, Paul and Jamie found out they were going to be parents. I was so excited to watch how this would play out, especially since I was a new parent myself.  After Paul and Jamie's baby arrived, she was named Mabel, which stood for Mothers Always Bring Extra Love. While most people probably rolled their eyes, I thought it was sweet. I imagined a little felt drawstring bag filled with glitter, kisses, hugs, and colorful bandages always traveling with me in my pocket.

I have carried 10 little souls with me over the past 17 years. With each pregnancy, my little bag grew larger and larger because each child brought more love into our family. Now, instead of fitting in my pocket, my bag floats behind me, spilling a little glitter at my feet as I chase my toddler around the park. It is always accessible to grab a bandage from to fix a boo boo or a broken heart.

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