Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I love four day weekends.  We packed a lot into the past four days: haircuts, swimming, fireworks and a barbecue.  

Katie wanted to cut her hair short.  I think she might even go with a shorter bob (think Victoria Beckham) next time.

Josie went swimming for the first time on Saturday.  She loved it and was quite a little fish.  Pierre said she was the best swimmer out of all of the kids.  I see many days at the pool with this one.

Linus hung out with my mom and I while Pierre and the kids swam.  Maybe I will bring Linus in next time we go to the pool.  That means I need to buy a bathing suit.  I haven't worn one of those since that cute maternity tankini I wore in Myrtle Beach when I was pregnant with Lucie.  I am not comfortable in a bathing suit, but maybe this is good motivation to actually stick to an exercise routine.  On the subject of weight loss, Abigail works out for an hour and a half every day and has dropped 8 pounds since the beginning of May.  I think I need to look to her for inspiration.

Last night, we brought the kids to see fireworks.

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