Monday, May 14, 2012

Festival of the Arts

Saturday was our school district's Festival of the Arts.  Each of the schools get their own display area where the art teachers set up different projects from throughout the year.   The music directors coordinate performances to take place during the festival as well.  My children love this event and we try to make it there every year.  This year took a bit of coordination since Evan had a camping trip, Katie had gymnastics practice, and Abigail needed to get ready for her semi-formal.  After gymnastics, we were able to get to Mesier Park for the last hour of the festival.  Abigail stayed home to relax and do her nails.

Alice's yellow cat is in the middle.

Proudly showing off her painting.

Katie's guitar

Our favorite part of the festival each year is making paper hats.

Emilie had a few of her pieces selected for display.  She hopes to major in art in college.  Next year, in her junior year, she has plans to take ceramics, photography, and a slew of other art classes.

Emilie used 3 mediums to create this - charcoal, pencil, and colored pencil.

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