Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yesterday, Josie needed to go for a 24 hour EEG.  We were 
 at the Neurologist's office at 8am and it took about an hour to get her all set up.

Josie's head was all wrapped up and we were ready to go.  The wires were hooked up to a recorder in the backpack.  Upon leaving we were told not to give her a bath or shower (obviously), not to let her perspire (I think it went up to 80 yesterday), and to be careful she doesn't roll in her sleep and strangle herself.  I am glad I am not a paranoid first time mother, but we did camp out on the couch last night.

After our appointment, we brought Josie to Target so she could pick out some coloring books, crayons, Play Doh, and bubbles to keep her busy.  We received a few funny looks and people asking us what was wrong.  Josie didn't seem to mind and really enjoyed picking up some fun surprises.

I kept Josie's day as normal as possible.  We ran our errands and Josie had OT.  After OT, Josie climbed up on the couch for some TV time.  It didn't take long before she was out.  The nap only lasted about 30 minutes.  Then, off to pick up the kids at school and get our new Hermit Crab from Alice's classroom.  Josie was so excited to meet Hermie.

This morning Josie was able to have everything removed.  The technician used an oil based remover to get the glue off, so Josie looked like an absolute wreck with greasy, glue speckled hair.  Again, I left with more advice to not let her touch her hair and then her eyes, because it would burn.  Since we had other appointments this afternoon, we went over to the salon and found the most wonderful stylist.  She has had many EEGs in the past and knew all about glue.  She was patient enough to wash Josie's hair 3 times for us and tried to brush all the glue out.  Then, she gave Josie a cute haircut.  She has never seen so much glue in all her experiences.  I will be brushing out glue for weeks.

If there was a feedback card at the Neurologist's office, there are a few things I would write.  First, a TV or an Ipad loaded up with kids games and videos should be available so that the patients can be distracted during the hour (or more) it takes to get set up.  Also, I wish they offered a bathroom with a sink with a nozzle attachment to easily and quickly wash your child's hair - especially since being warned the oil solution will burn their eyes if they touch it.

Now to wait for the results.

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  1. What a trooper little Josie is!
    Good luck getting all the glue out! I wish I had some helpful tips for you.. I pray all the results are a step in the right direction.