Sunday, April 8, 2012

Can you find the Easter Egg?

The bunny visited our house today.

Eight baskets (one is cut off here) lined up in a row.

When we arrived home from Easter Mass, we discovered that the little man had a fever.  No helmet until it goes back down.  Doctor's orders.  Look at that beautiful round head.

Since he is a cranky little guy, the only adventures Linus is going to go on are in his dreams.  Hopefully, his fever breaks, and we can see where Linus' helmet will take him tomorrow.

Until then, I have an adventure for you.  Find Linus hidden in one of the pictures above.  Comment below if you find it, but don't give the location away.  Email me at stating where you found him by 11pm EST on April 9, and I will randomly select someone to receive an Easter surprise from Linus.

Happy hunting!