Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vacation over

Happiness is a husband who picks up a pizza while you sit at home wrangling sick kids (or wanna be sick kids) who have to go back to school tomorrow after having a week and a half off.  It's like a permission slip to be lazy.  Maybe I've been a little too lazy.  Back to school, back to a schedule, back to reality tomorrow.

I like having the kids home.  I think I look forward to their vacations more than they do.  Let's face it, we only get so much time with them before they turn into teenagers and adults who have jobs and responsibilities of their own.  Sometimes, I forget to savor every moment.  Every day should be celebrated.  I don't need a greeting card to tell me that.

We didn't use up all our snow days this year, so I can see another school break coming in the near future.  

I'm counting down the days.

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