Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Open House

We went to Josie's first preschool open house today.  Josie couldn't wait to get to "school" as we drove there this morning.  This was only the first school on our list to visit.  On Friday we will tour a second school and then we have one more open house to go to at the beginning of May.  There were lots of things that caught Josie's attention, but the best part of the visit is when she found a scooter.  When she said, "like the scooter" as she climbed on it, I wanted to run out and buy one for her.

After our tour, the girls were hungry.  In celebration of our big girl we went out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch.  I ate the best apple butter on warm biscuits.  On our way out, Pierre picked up a jar of it for me to bring home.  I can't wait until breakfast tomorrow.

Only at Cracker Barrel, can you get wooden seat attachments that can safely strap a baby car seat to the chair.  I also love the sweet little booster seats.  The girls had a blast playing with the wooden games on the table.

Cracker Barrel's gift shop is a kid wonderland.  Josie wanted to touch everything, especially if it was glass, and especially if she could make noise.

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