Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shaking It Up

I am changing things up a little bit.  I have decided to make my pictures of Linus and my daily post two different entries.  Usually, I do not do well with change.  Changing up the blog has been on my mind for a few days now, and it took me a while to get used to the idea.  Pierre gave me the push, literally. He pushed the button on my computer and separated my posts.  Still, I worry.  Was it the right decision?  Shouldn't I just keep things the way they were?  No, I need to start taking risks and try new things.  It's time to shake it up!

This weekend I started a Facebook page for the blog.  Please, come check it out and LIKE me.  I also started a Twitter @beyondthecrib, but it is going to take me some time to get started up there too.  Right now it is a lonely page with no tweets.  I will get there.  What will be next, Pinterest?  You'll be the first to know.

In the coming month, I hope to shake things up some more and get more followers.  I am also excited to announce that I will be offering some great giveaways in the near future.  Keep checking back for more information.

In the midst of all this shaking up over the weekend, our van started smoking while we were driving to church.  I was hoping it was some sort of April Fools Day joke, but no such luck.  As Pierre investigated under the hood, Josie kept saying "Church! Church!"  Then, as it started pouring rain she changed to "Aww Ducks (Shucks)!"  Keeping our fingers crossed that we can get this fixed easily.

I guess someone heard I wanted a little more excitement.

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