Friday, March 30, 2012


Abigail is on her way home from her trip to Washington DC.  Pierre dropped her off to school at 5:00am on Wednesday and she will be arriving at school any minute now.  It was only 3 days, but it is a good preparation for me as I will have a few birdies leaving the nest in the next few years.  Soon, my oldest will be looking at colleges.  Only two more years and she will legally be an adult.

I am already dreading the term "empty nest."  It is comforting that as they start leaving, I will still have little ones at home to take care of, but what happens when the littlest get ready to leave?  Linus is barely a year old, but I know how fast times flies.  Babies turn to children who turn to teenagers in the blink of an eye.  Wasn't it only yesterday I was teaching her how to tie her shoes?

I have been spending some extra time rocking my babies these past few days as I was missing my Abigail.  Next year all but two will be in full day school and Josie will be in a preschool program.  I don't think I remember what it is like to only have one with me as I run errands.

Maybe I can find the rewind button on my life so I can relive it all.  Not to change anything, but to etch the memories deep in my mind and really enjoy each moment.  I would like to go back 16 years ago to when it all began in a small apartment, just Pierre and I awaiting the day I would go into labor.

Time to go hug my babies tight and wait for my Abigail.


  1. Keep hugging those little ones, it's good for them! Visiting from the FNF hop and followed you! Come visit me:)