Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kick Flip

While visiting the elementary school for Day 2 of Open House, I thought about all the inspiring teachers my children have had touch their lives. Fortunately, for the most part, we have been really lucky. Our experiences over the past 14 years have introduced us to nurturing teachers, teachers who challenged my children, and exuberant teachers who made learning fun . Even some of the most disagreeable teachers have taught my children patience and tolerance.

Evan can't wait to get to school each morning. Every day is a new adventure and he does not want to miss a single minute. He has told me that his teacher this year is the best teacher ever. As we were getting ready to leave open house, Evan needed to go back to his classroom one more time. When we walked in, we were introduced to his teacher's family. Her mother, father, sister, niece, and husband were there looking at the projects on display around the room. I was impressed by the support she has from her family. That support  is what makes her the teacher she is.

Katie's teacher makes learning an adventure. He is fun and energetic.  He empowers those kids and gives the tools to successfully move on to middle school next year.  Evan is crossing his fingers (I am too) that he gets the same teacher next year.  Pierre found this hanging in the classroom:

I am thinking forward to the future for Josie and Linus, and hoping they have the same positive experiences in school as their older siblings.  

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