Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I guess I spoke too soon yesterday about Katie getting the all clear for surgery.  Her blood work came back that her bleeding time was prolonged and we have an appointment with a hematologist tomorrow afternoon.  My husband and Evan both have Von Willebrand's disease (a clotting disorder)  The other kids had been tested, but maybe something was missed with Katie or something new has developed.  We will find out tomorrow if surgery is still on for Monday.  There is always something going on around here.  It keeps things exciting.

Today, I have been remembering my Aunt Claire on her birthday.  Aunt Claire was one of my grandmother's older sisters.  I had a very special relationship with her.  I spent many weekends and summer days at her house.  She played endless board games with me and taught me how to play poker and rummy.  She always had carrots and celery cut for me to snack on and she used to call me her little rabbit.  I can still taste the farina with sugar she used to make me.  Country Time Lemonade and powdered ice tea were treats during the summer and she always had coffee ice cream in the freezer.  We would sit on her porch to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July and I would sleep over.  I remember climbing into bed with her and snuggling while we could still hear stray fireworks going off outside.  She told me stories about when she was younger and all the different places she lived.  She told me about her only daughter that she lost as a toddler, but I never asked many details.  She loved children and she loved me.  I hope that I helped fill a part of that empty space in her heart.  She died 20 years ago and I still can remember her scent and the feel of her beige sweater when she hugged me.  I have her worn photo album that we used to look at together.  It was the only thing I wanted after she passed away.  Photos are very important to me.  

Happy birthday, Aunt Claire.  

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