Monday, March 19, 2012


Mondays are a good TV night here. I enjoy one new show this season (Smash) and really, there are only a few television shows that I really like. Most shows on these days are either inappropriate to watch with a child in the room or just don't hold my interest. I get nervous during a suspense filled storyline. I don't enjoy action or guns or violence. I will admit I am very picky when it comes to my TV time, and when my husband flips on Burn Notice I roll my eyes and find a good magazine to read. I do like reality TV, but you won't catch me watching The Bachelor or Jersey Shore. I am addicted to watching the news and if Joan Rivers is critiquing fashions on the red carpet, I am tuned in.

I am a little embarrassed to say, one of my guilty pleasures is Dance Moms. Now, I think the premise of the show is terrible, but I find myself watching it. I am not sure if I am enjoying myself, or just observing a train wreck and cannot bring myself to turn away.

I think the draw of this show is due to the fact my daughter is involved in a competitive sport. That being said, I would never allow my daughter to be treated the way those girls are.  The mothers are no better than the instructor.  Not that I don't think the entire show is scripted.  I picture them all sitting around  and sipping tea while deciding which girl will be at the bottom of the pyramid, which moms will get into a catfight, and which mom will storm out of the studio, never to return again (until the next episode.)

For the most part, the gyms Katie has trained at have been very warm and supportive. I have heard of local gyms where the girls are punished by their coaches if their scores are not high enough or if their legs are not perfectly straight.


No arm around the shoulder with a “You'll do better next time.”


Extra conditioning, harsh words, no support.

I would not stand for that. I don't care how high your daughter's scores are, she will not thrive in a toxic atmosphere.

Katie's gym is another home. She is treated kindly and with respect. The girls work hard and achieve great things and feel good about themselves. If a girl is having trouble mastering a skill, the coaches will work tirelessly with them and encourage them.

I guess when I watch Dance Moms, I am reminded of how lucky we are.

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  1. Jacqui is going to love this one! Touche! Point Linus!