Monday, March 5, 2012


Linus' helmet was giving him a bit of trouble today. He has been drooling a lot and he has an irritated spot under the helmet in the sideburn area. I let it air out for a little while and it looks so much better.

Linus' ongoing (EI) came today to do his intake this afternoon. I had to answer a bunch of questions about my pregnancy. How was my pregnancy?  Too short. Did I have problems?  More than I care to remember. I didn't really say those things, but I was thinking them. Then I had to grab all my folders to remind myself what day Linus came off oxygen, which medicines he took , and how many blood transfusions he had. My poor little man went through so much, but you could never tell by looking at him. Thank goodness for those wonderful nurses who cared for him when I couldn't.

Linus' ongoing is also Josie's ongoing, so she stayed to observe Josie with her speech therapist, Lynn.  Lynn has been with Josie the longest, since about 7 months old. When Lynn started coming, Josie wouldn't even look at her. She cried and really didn't want anything to do with her. Now, when Lynn's car pulls in the driveway, Josie runs to the door squealing, “Lynn! Lynn!” Every day Josie does more and more. We are very lucky to have a great team of EI providers working with her.

Linus had an appointment with his orthotist this afternoon.   In the waiting room, there were these cute coloring books entitled, My Brother Has A Crooked Head.  It tells the story of a boy with a little brother who needs a STARband because he has Plagiocephaly.  The older brother imagines his brother in his helmet as an astronaut, a race car driver, and a football player.  We were laughing because those are all the adventures Linus has taken in his helmet already.  I picked up a few of the books for the little girls to read and color.

I pointed out the red areas on Linus' head and cheek, and the orthotist shaved the inside of the helmet so it fits loosely again. We need to go every 2 weeks to check the fit and progress. The orthotist also pointed out we still had the newborn padding in the car seat, which we pulled out. I guess my baby is not such a tiny guy anymore.  

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  1. So glad that he's doing so much better. I miss seeing you guys! Y