Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today started with a trip to the grocery store with the three littlest. Within 5 minutes of being in the store Pierre had to take Lucie “potty.” I took Josie and Linus to look for cookies. When Josie says, “cookie”and then signs and says “please” simultaneously, how could I possibly resist? Josie is a big fan of Chips Ahoy. Luckily, it always seems to be on sale when she asks. As she sat hugging that blue package of chocolatey goodness, she eyed the Oreos and said, “Oreos for Mama!” If you recall my post from yesterday, you'll know that yesterday was the 100th Birthday of the Oreo cookie. Josie remembered. Then, my talkative little girl looked at me and said, “Tacos!” Off to the International Foods aisle we flew. It is a big deal when Josie uses her words around here.

One of Katie's coaches fell ill at the gym yesterday. She was doubled over in pain. She was scared and shaking. All I wanted to do was mother her. Am I that old, that I thought I could mother a 21 year old woman? From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a mother, whether it be for my dolls, a hurt bird, or my puppy. As I carried around 5 or 6 Cabbage Patch Dolls, I decided that I was not only going to be a mother, but I was going to mother many. I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to raise 8 beautiful children.

Linus is still struggling with teething. Plus, we lost his pacifier this afternoon. He was in his bouncy seat sucking away, and then all of a sudden it was gone. I asked Josie if she had seen it. She ran excitedly into the living room. I ran excitedly after her because I thought she knew where it was. She just looked at me, smiled, and said “pacifier” as she pointed to the bouncy seat. I even resorted to asking the dog. She just looked at me, rather annoyed that I had disturbed her nap. I searched and searched but couldn't find it as Linus screamed at the top of his lungs. In the kitchen, I located another pacifier from the same package and I hurriedly boiled some water to sterilize it. Once he had that pacifier, he was out like a light.

Tonight, as I made tacos for my sweet Josie, she sat on the kitchen floor at my feet. Unfortunately, a trip to the grocery store, a visit from her OT, and no nap made her a very tired little girl. As I finished cooking, she lay asleep curled up in front of the dishwasher. I was so disappointed. I was looking forward to eating tacos, the dinner she asked for, with her. Leftovers are stored away for lunch tomorrow. I have a taco date with my Josie.

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