Monday, March 26, 2012


Next week is Spring Break, and Katie's tonsils will be coming out.  My first daughter to have her tonsils out, Abigail, cried and screamed and moaned in pain for two weeks afterward.  Codeine was our best friend.  My second daughter to have her tonsils out, Lucie, bounced out of the hospital and asked if she could have chips as we drove home.  Hoping our third experience with tonsils is as easy as the last time.

I have heard that redheads, like Abigail, have a lower pain tolerance than people with other hair colors.  If I had to group my children by hair color, I would say that Abigail has the lowest pain tolerance of anyone I know, but she has also been the sickest.  All of my redheads have problems with their ears and have had the most health problems (reflux, asthma, chronic ear infections.)  At the Children's Hospital, I learned from the anesthesiologist that redheads do not tolerate anesthesia as well as other hair colors. I am intrigued by redheads, and have been known to become a redhead myself on occasion.

We are starting stock up on ice cream, icees, jello, and pudding.  Arts and crafts and quiet games will be pulled out to occupy restless hands.  I am crossing my fingers that recovery will be quick and the pain will become a distant memory.

In case you were wondering,  Lucie is a brunette.

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