Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sir Linus

We had a very early start to our day today. Josie woke up sometime around 2am and she quietly went downstairs. She climbed on Abigail's bed and tried to wake her up to play with her. There are a bunch of missed calls on our cell phones at 2:27am from Abigail. Unfortunately, we had left our phones in the kitchen last night so we were unaware of what was happening until Abigail finally dragged Josie upstairs, broken leg and all. At some point later on, Josie went back downstairs and started to play the piano which woke up a very confused Emilie. We never had a use for a gate at the top of stairs as Josie has never showed any interest in going down the steps. Diane, who is Josie's Physical Therapist too, has been working on stairs with Josie. I guess it is working. I have a very mobile and independent girl these days, and I love it.

By the time I got out of bed this morning, I had a bed full of kids, and a husband hanging on to the edge for dear life. Luckily, Linus slept through everything in his cradle next to our bed.

The back of Linus' head was a little red and irritated when I removed his helmet today. After a nice bath, and a little breather from his helmet, he was fine. Maybe his little noggin is growing. I will ask the Orthotist when we see him on Monday.

Today was Platypus Day, according to Disney Channel. While the kids played outside on this beautiful spring-like day, I set to work crafting Platypi/Platypuses for dessert tonight. They were a big hit, but licking the icing bowl was a close second.


Phineas and Ferb is a popular show in our house. The show is about two brothers who come up with amazing creations, with the help of their friends. Their older sister, Candace, tries to get them in trouble by tattling to their mom, but she never succeeds in busting her brothers. Perry the Platupus is their pet, and a secret agent, Agent P. Have I lost you yet?

Evan is very much like Phineas. Every day starts with a “What are we going to do today?” Then he spends his day crafting something amazing, while dealing with many Candaces. Now Evan has his “Ferb” in Linus. I am sure that someday they will go on great adventures together.

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