Thursday, March 22, 2012


Linus had an appointment with Dr. S, the opthamologist, today.  In the NICU he was screened every two weeks to check for Retinopathy of Prematurity.  Linus had Stage 2 ROP, so we needed to follow up with Dr. S every 2 weeks until he was cleared.  The ROP exam was terrible to watch.  Three sets of drops were administered over a period of time.  It felt like forever, but I think it was a total of 45 minutes.  Then, once in the examination room, Dr. S would have me swaddle Linus and hold his head steady while he took this metal plier-like object to pry Linus' eyelids open while he looked into the eye to examine the retina.  I'm pretty sure Linus wasn't a big fan of the exam either.  I was very relived when he was cleared.

This afternoon, in the waiting room, we met two lovely women.  One was an elderly woman in a wheelchair and the other was her caregiver.  The elderly woman had almost the same exact jacket on that  my grandma wore and she was wearing a turquoise shirt, which is the color grandma wore most.  She also had my grandmother's nose and light eyes, and no teeth too.  She was admiring Linus while he smiled and entertained her.  She told me that she loved having boys and that her boys were 51 and 58 now.  She said multiple times, "His grandma must spoil him."  I think maybe grandma was there with us in the waiting room today.  It sure felt like she was.

Dr. S told us that Linus is more farsighted than would be expected.  We need to bring him back in 4 months for another exam to see if he needs glasses.  Linus is the only member of our family who doesn't wear glasses.  I am sure he will get his own pair sooner or later.

Waiting for Dr. S

Happy Linus

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