Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho

We found a tick on Josie's head this morning. A big engorged tick took up residence under her beautiful red hair. I tried to get it out and it exploded (sorry, but really, it did.) Guiltily, I took her to Pulse MD and asked them to remove it. She smiled and showed the doctor where the bug was under her hair. The doctor couldn't find the right tweezers. She sat so patiently while he searched room to room. He didn't seem so confident that he was going to be able to do this. What was this? Super Tick? Josie didn't make a sound. I think she just wanted that nasty buggy off of her. I didn't expect to have to check for ticks yet. Super Tick's brothers and sisters will be back.

I brought Lucie to school a little late after dealing with Super Tick. The principal saw me signing in and asked the receptionist if I “was there to pick up my 17 kids.” Then, he said I couldn't have them because he liked them so much and that they are always smiling. As I stood there smiling and giggling, he looked at me and said they obviously must take after their mother.

It was Oreo's 100th birthday today and I didn't have any Oreo's in the house. I told Pierre that Linus wanted an Oreo, but he wasn't buying it.

I hope my kids are always happy and smiling, but I bet they'd smile more if we had some Oreos.

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